President Obama on the big screen, addressing the audience at the NFTC 100th World Trade Dinner
President Bill Reinsch moderating the trade panel at the IDFA Dairy Forum in Miami, FL
Global Innovation Forum Director Jake Colvin moderating a panel on financial technology and entrepreneurship
NFTC President Bill Reinsch speaking in Dublin at the Euromoney Conference
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This month's issue contains several personal reflections from NFTC staff members who have been part of the Trade Benefits America Coalition – the group that worked hard to enact TPA into law so the country can move on to complete the TPP and TTIPnegotiations that are so important for American jobs and growth. Having been involved in the Coalition's work myself, I want to add my own thoughts to those of Dan and Richard.
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View from the NFTC Chair
Report from Recent Days Spent Abroad
Travel is always enlightening. Last month in New Zealand on the TPP, I incidentally came across the history in somewhat greater depth of U.S. relations with that small pristine country, once a formal ally. That formal alliance was dissolved in the 1950s due to the habit of the United States (France and the U.K. were involved to an even greater extent) of testing nuclear weapons in the atmosphere in its neighborhood. A few days earlier in Brisbane, Australia, also TPP-connected (sugar), I visited the small but very interesting museum that houses General MacArthur's wartime headquarters.

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