Former USTR Amb. Carla Hills as Master of Ceremonies for the 100th World Trade Dinner.
Senator Orrin Hatch accepting the World Trade Award at the Centennial World Trade Dinner.
White House Sr. Policy Advisor Valerie Jarrett introducing the Presidential Video Address at the World Trade Dinner
Senator Rob Portman, a former USTR, speaking at the NFTC World Trade Dinner
President Obama on the big screen, addressing the audience at the NFTC 100th World Trade Dinner
NFTC President Jake Colvin presents the Trade Leadership in the Digital Age Award to GEs Karan Bhatia
The NFTC staff experts presenting their analyses at the annual NFTC Trade and Tax Forecast event
NFTC President Bill Reinsch delivering opening remarks at the annual NFTC Trade and Tax Forecast event.
President Bill Reinsch moderating the trade panel at the IDFA Dairy Forum in Miami, FL
Global Innovation Forum Director Jake Colvin moderating a panel on financial technology and entrepreneurship
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Following the November election, incoming Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell spoke about his plans for running the Senate when the Republicans take over in 2015. He said all the right things about opening up the institution, allowing the Senate to work its will permitting amendments and open debate, letting the committees mark up bills the things the Senate used to do back when it was working (and when old people like me were working there).
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View from the NFTC Chair
President McKinley ended his term with a very high tariff, but obtained negotiating authority for reciprocal liberalizing agreements. Unfortunately, the agreements once negotiated, died in the Senate. Theodore Roosevelt left the very high McKinley Tariff in place to avoid antagonizing conservatives in the Senate whose votes he needed to obtain regulatory authority to curb abuses by the railroads and trust busting support. William Howard Taft, TRs alter-ego in most respects, split with the President and campaigned to lower tariffs

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